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The Test

Name/Nicknames: Jennifer, Jen, Artemis, Art, Hiana, Double-Bunny Wolfy
Age: 16
Birthdate: 9-19-89
Height: 4'11"

Likes/hobbies/talents: Writing, reading, drawing, watching movies, chatting with friends, singing
Dislikes: Intolerance, hatred, stupidity
Strong Points: Loyal, caring, protective
Weak Points: Has a short fuse, has a nasty temper
Fears: Needles

Two favorite animals: Wolf, because of its strength, and the falcon, for its independence and freedom.
Your favorite book or movie, and why: A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane. It's wonderfully written, and a great fantasy read.
A favorite quote or song lyric: "I'm a woman, I can do all sorts of things." ~ Mina Harker, LXG
What you want to do for a living: Web designer or voice artist.

You find the journal of one of your friends that was left at your house. What do you do?: Return it to them.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?: Ironically, the power to turn into any animal I wanted. I love animals, and I'd like to know what it'd be like to be them.
Love is...: Something that hurts.
Revenge is...: A necessary evil.

Anything else?: Not particualarly.
If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: Add a question about the books.

Pictures and/or Describe Yourself:

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